Microsoft Force Feedback 2 Driver for Linux Project

12/08/2002: Version 4 fixes a bug in set_effect fonction, new patch for 2.4.19 kernel, no new features (planned: upload user defined effect to the joystick).

07/18/2002: Version 3 fixes various bug + add delay capability, gforce has been improved (new version 0.3).

07/05/2002: Version 2 of the patch, the driver now supports constant, periodic, ramp, inertia, friction, damper and spring effects.

07/01/2002: The driver works with 2.4.18, I removed source of the old driver from the site and add a patch for the 2.4.18 kernel.
The driver is now a part of the HID subsystem, the original patch is from Johann Deneux, it's the same patch where I add stuff for the Sidewinder joystick.
I add an utility : gforce, which is a gtk interface to test the driver.
  • What you'll find here:
A alpha stage development of a driver for the sidewinder forcefeedback 2 joystick.

  • What the driver actually does:
When insmod'ed : reset device, adjust gain to max.
You can upload any kind of effect and play it with a GTK interface called gforce

When rmmod'ed: stop all effects, reset device.

  • Download:


Older versions

To apply the patch get a fresh 2.4.19 kernel, cd linux, zcat patch-2.4.19-ff | patch -p1 , and when you configure the kernel choose Y for PID device in USB section and Y or M for evdev in INPUT section.
don't know if it works with other kernel's releases.
To test: modprobe hid modprobe evdev.

Test program : gforce version 0.3.

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Johann Deneux Iforce driver

  • Author:

Fabien Brachere